Welcome to Bill & Kelly Lovelady's collection of photographic galleries. Please feel free to come in and take a look around. All photos are available for purchase and can be delivered directly to your door. In addition to traditional photographs, we offer some unique items. Many finishes and sizes are available and would look great hanging in your home or office. Most of the works contained here were taken in and around Southeast Michigan. Hopefully you will enjoy sitting back and just looking at the amazing things we have been able to capture.

    If you would like to have a picture session of your own arranged, please feel free to contact us to schedule a one on one consultation. Email us at ilovel@charter.net or wlovelady@rossprov.com. We look forward to helping you capture your own unique moment.

    We hope you enjoy our photographs as much as we enjoy taking them. If you do, be sure to tell your friends and family to visit www.BKLPhotos.com so they can enjoy them as well. Photographs are added on a regular basis. You never know what the next gallery may be. During the Spring of 2012 we will be adding more shots to the Barns Collection, which we are currently featuring, Michigan is a great place to find these magnificent examples of art.

    Please leave us a comment on the photographs that you truly admire so we know that we can continue to provide you with the things you like the most.

    Olivia L.
    BKL Staff